A hybrid authority

EPAMARNE and EPAFRANCE, the Local Planning and Development Authorities at Marne-la-Vallée, are both Public Authorities of an industrial and commercial nature (EPIC). They combine public regulations (Government Procurement code) and private management, meaning they are financially autonomous. Their work is subject to wardship of the Prefect and the central administration, basically the Ministry of the Environment (MEDDTL), the Home Office, and the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

  • Marne-la-Vallée municipalities
    A new organisation to meet the area's new challenges

With Greater Paris and prospects for development through the creation of a sustainable development cluster centred on Cité Descartes on the one hand, and the formation of a tourist cluster to the east on the other, new momentum has been given to the Planning and Development Authorities.
In response to these new territorial issues, in early 2010 EPAMARNE has fashioned a new organisation, which includes:

- A Strategic Division in charge of promoting Marne-la-Vallée, suggesting changes in the area and picturing the city’s mid-term and long-term future. It consists of a Prospective and Town- Planning Department, a Development and Marketing Department, and a Communication and Documentation Department. In addition, those teams are involved in promoting the city and liaising with businesses.

- A Projects Division, responsible for development operations. It comprises two Development Departments (Eastern and Western), and a Land and Legal Affairs Department. The Eastern Development Department handles the tourist destination, Val d’Europe and the municipalities of Chanteloup, Montévrain and Jossigny. The remainder of the New Town is handled by the Western Development Department.
The Projects Division has abandoned the previous trade-centred structure (town-planning, infrastructure, etc), preferring to work with project-centred teams. Under the supervision of a Project Manager, all skill sets are grouped together to carry out development operations. As a result, Local Planning and Development Authority partners have a dedicated contact who is in a position to respond speedily to their requests.

- An Office of the Secretary General operating Planning and Development Authority business, as well as steering performance through the creation of a central management control system. It also includes a Finance and Purchasing Department, a Human Resources Department and a Logistics Department.

  • A management committee

Both the Local Planning and Development Authorities at Marne-la-Vallée are headed by Managing Director Nicolas FERRAND, who was appointed to the position on March 21th, 2014 by decree from the Ministry of the Equal Areas and Housing.

The Managing Director chairs a Management Committee that debates and determines the key Planning and Development Authorities’ avenues for involvement. He also supervises a team of close to 130 people, serving the entire area, made up of town-planning and development professionals, as well as experts in business development, infrastructure works and superstructures etc.

Beyond the Management Committee, operations at the Local Planning and Development Authorities are paced by the work of specialised committees who foster communication both internally and with the partners: elected officials, New Town Associations (SANs), competitiveness cluster, schools and universities, Disney, community associations, etc.

  • Specialised committees

Asserting its determination to position the territory of Marne-la-Vallée as the model for a sustainable city, EPAMARNE has founded a Sustainable Development Consultative Committee and has set up dedicated teams in the eco-neighbourhoods. This “5-angle dialogue” committee includes representatives from Government, trade unions and management, union and corporate organisations, community associations and local government. It came about following debates held by EPAMARNE within the context of the first meetings on sustainable development in 2009.

Integrated Development Zone (ZAC) Committees decide on launching operations and their specifications. They closely study urban projects, commercialisation issues and balance sheets.

Plenary meetings are held at regular intervals with Mayors or Metropolitan Community Chairmen within the Marne-la-Vallée New Town Association (SAN), as well as with Disney people. Those meetings help reach decisions regarding the various issues stemming from technical meetings.
The Reporting Committee, chaired by the Managing Director, examines the execution of budgets voted by the Boards of Directors, as well as the three-month and year-end forecasts. It decides on required adjustments and validates required commitments.
In addition to te aforementioned bodies, EPAMARNE has set up a Studies and Surveys Committee, a Business Book Auditing Committee, a Project Review Committee and a Committee on Contracts.

  • Two legal entities, EPAMARNE and EPAFRANCE, and two boards of directors

The Local Planning and Development Authorities at Marne-la-Vallée, EPAMARNE and EPAFRANCE, each possess a distinct Board of Directors, made up in equal numbers of representatives from Government and from local governments.

The EPAMARNE Board of Directors is chaired by Paul MIGUEL, chairman of CA Val Maubuée, and that of EPAFRANCE by Olivier BOURJOT, Mayor of Chessy.
Board members are appointed for a three-year term. They vote on the budget and approve the mid-term thrusts of Planning and Development Authority decisions that are submitted for their approval.

Look up the Boards of Directors’ make-up attached below.