EPAMARNE and EPAFRANCE are united in their shared mission, which consists in setting up, planning and providing momentum to development throughout Marne-la-Vallée. They are responsible for bringing consistency, in terms of both space and time, to the completion of those elements that will make up the new town.

The multidisciplinary teams at the EPA (Local Planning & Development Authority) © EPAMARNE / Photo: Eric Morency

This is a highly complex mission, demanding involvement in a great variety of fields, including long-term planning, land sales, the technical design of neighbourhoods, preparing regulatory application files (Integrated Development Zones – ZACs), promoting the area, marketing and prospecting for companies, and more.

In close partnership with local communities, Local Planning and Development Authorities are involved in all aspects of settlement in Marne-la-Vallée: offices, businesses, housing, public facilities, infrastructures (roads, public transport, soft transport means), parks and gardens, etc.

This involvement comes in a variety of shapes: urban innovation, designing and building new neighbourhoods or restructuring older ones, enhancing nature areas and farming land, supporting local communities in building facilities, selling land and supporting property developers and businesses in achieving their real-estate projects.

To that end, Local Planning and Development Authorities are launching town-planning and settlement studies (town-planning documents, infrastructures, public facilities within superstructures).
Their action consists in scheduling the public funding relating to housing, land acquisition, primary public roads or sanitation.

They are also a driving force in achieving settlement operations in the public interest, such as Integrated Development Zones (ZACs).

Once it has developed and consolidated a given land, the Local Planning and Development Authority will manage its sale, according to approved plans, through negotiations with property developers in housing, office buildings or shopping centres, industrialists or elected officials.

Moreover, Local Planning and Development Authorities may be mandated by local communities to achieve infrastructure works (public roads, sanitation, parks and gardens) and build school, social, cultural or sports facilities.

Local Planning and Development Authorities provide support and consulting to local communities. As engines of development for Marne-la-Vallée, they are true initiators in terms of the area’s future prospects.
Accordingly, Local Planning and Development Authorities are steering operations for a number of high-potential projects such as Descartes Cluster, devoted to sustainable cities and building, or the tourist industry cluster in Val d’Europe.